In this exercise, we'll build a simple microblogging web-service with a Cloud storage backend. The site will allow users to create posts, follow other users, and view posts from the users they are following.

📚 What you'll learn

  • Routing and handling HTTP requests with the Routes library
  • JSON serialization and deserialization with the Json library
  • Database schema design with multiple BTrees
  • Transactionality when storing and retrieving data

We've broken this exercise down into three parts. Each part will guide you through a different aspect of building the microblogging service. We'll start with the basic HTTP service layer, then move on to JSON serialization and deserialization for the service, and finally, we'll design the storage layer and link it to the API.

This exercise will involve some creativity and decision-making on your part, so feel free to experiment and try different approaches. 🧪